After looking at a number of locations for workshop space, I was happy to learn a room in the Sattya Media Arts Collective building opened up at the end of December. Sattya is a resource center for creatives and activists. They have had many projects such as Kolor Kathmandu and recently the Bato ko Cinema that works towards making media and arts more accessible to people; bringing awareness as well as encouraging people to express and shape their communities. As 'Sacred Water' more or less has similar wishes, naturally, it made sense to chose this place as the base for the project. The workshop room itself is small but we have the rooftop space and Sattya has also been very generous to offer to lent us their bigger workshop room if it was available when we needed it. 

Here're a few photos of the entrance to Sattya and our workshop space, and the surrounding neighborhood. We are right behind the Zoo. 

Because of the cold we had the floor carpeted and got a few tables and cushions. 

And voila, workshop space, ready to go!