Just as things seemed to be calming down and resuming some form of normality, right after our morning meeting on Tuesday May 12 another big earthquake struck again. People ran into the streets and stayed in the roads long after the aftershocks have died down. Tents that had been taken down were once again resurrected, people who had moved back home once again moved into common tents in larger open spaces such as school grounds or parks. The overall mood was depressing but as we had cancelled and moved so many workshops, we decided to continue as planned and have the workshop on friday. 

Four of five members of the Nawapratiba group bravely came as planned but as there were some cracks in the building and our workshop space was on the second floor, most of us were not comfortable with sitting in the room. So we moved the workshop to the patch of cement yard downstairs and worked on the ground. As the workshop progressed it got increasingly hot and we had to share umbrellas. The situation was both funny and sad, because it was, too, one of our last workshops and time together. 

Everyone painted the sculptures they had made in the previous workshop about things in their lives they wish they'd been able to do, or about events in their lives that made a big impact on them. The dominating conversation these days revolve around earthquakes and the atmosphere is generally tense so it was a good distraction for everyone to play with colors and think about something different.