Dr. Abhilasha Karkey

These are a collection of sample water from various sources. The dirties water is from the main stone spout next to Durbar Square (Mangaa Hiti). The two next to it are also from stone spouts, the next three are from wells and the last one on the right is municipal supply water. I showed this to people but still they think it's ok to drink from the stone spout. People say "Oh yea, we let the sediment sink and it's fine." Well, I don't think so.

These are EPI strips and we use them to identify bacteria. All of them are different chemicals. You interpret them according to the change in color. I put sample water from a well in them and it identified salmonella.

nce I started doing microbiology I stopped eating with my hands. The first experiment we did was put our palms on the media and see what grows. After seeing what grows from there I stopped eating with my hands. I have hand gel everywhere.


I used to joke and call this 'my line of frustration'. We used to go to the well to get sample water for our research. Initially people were very helpful but since the study went on for a year, towards the end it was difficult. There was this long line of gagris, and in the dry season it's a lot to ask for a liter of water when there's barely any.